Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Butterfly Coffee Bag Holder

This is for all of you coffee drinkers, instead of tea drinkers. I looked for ideas for another gift for my upcoming class. I thought it would be nice to make a coffee bag holder. I could not find any for coffee. All of the ones I seen were for tea bags. The problem is tea bags are smaller than coffee bag singles. Due to this problem I had to design my own holder. It was very easy to do though.

I had already said I wanted to keep the same colors as the other 2 gift projects. I was true to my word. The picture above is the front of the holder. The picture below shows you how I made the inside. In case you are wondering why I didn't make it hold 2 coffee bag singles, it is because it would have made the paper longer than 12 inches. I could have made it longer by gluing another piece to the end. Guess what? I did not want to do that.

This last picture you see above shows you that it is 1/4" thick and not just folded in half. Once again, I love this color combination. This class should be a lot of fun to do.
Thanks for looking and please leave a comment. Yes, I love to know what you think.

Now go-n-stamp!!


Grethel Roulhac said...

I love this, would you post your dimensions for this or email them to me (grethelroulhac@gmail.com).


Heidi Michel said...

Chris this is super cute. I love the colors and the flowers stamped on the printed paper. Great job. You should offer a pdf for a small fee since no one else has this made!! Way to go friend!

mary.schultz said...

I love this card! The design is one of my favorites, and seeing it made bigger is great! If you could share your dimensions (or at least those of the finished card front, I can figure out the rest from there), I would appreciate it!

Luv 2 Cre8 With U said...

Mary, I will share the dimensions if you give me your email address. Thanks so much for the wonderful comment.