Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Butterfly Corner Bookmark

Do you ever get tired of making cards all of the time? Well, guess what? I do. I like to make 3-D projects more than everyone probably realizes. If you look on my blog it looks like I like making cards more because that is what most pictures are of. I really do enjoy 3-D more though. I will see something another demonstrator has created and think I need to try that, but unfortunately I don't usually do it. Maybe I should make this a goal and try to do a 3-D project at least once a month. I think that is a good idea. Now lets see if I uphold it.

I have seen other people make corner bookmarks, but this is the first time I tried one myself. They turn out to be very nice. This is one of the projects I am going to be doing in my next class. I still have to come up with 2 more projects, which I have ideas for, I just need to make them.

In case you are wondering why 2 of the pictures are similar. I just wanted to have more than one view of what it looked like on a page in the book.

This last picture shows what the entire bookmark looks like. It is a fun project 2 make. In case you are wondering, I used basic black, real red card stock, and first edition specialty designer series paper. I am also planning on using these same colors for the other projects I make too.

Be watching for the other projects I am going to be making for this class. I will try to get them posted fairly quickly. It is hard sometimes though because I work outside of the home too.

Leave a comment if you would like.

Now go-n-stamp!!


ArtisticInkspirations said...

Really like the bookmark..esp the color combo. I think it's more useful than the little box.. if you were trying to decide which one for your class. I know I have a lot who "read" a lot..and always like bookmarks.

Lynne Everest said...