Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cards of Elegance

Do you ever look at a card and just think to yourself, "Now, that is elegant?" I don't mean pretty or beautiful, either, I mean "elegant." For my upcoming card class, that is what I was wanting to try and accomplish. Cards with elegance!
The layered example below was really the second card I had made. I was not sure at first if it was going to have the elegant look about it, but in the end, I believe, that it does fit into that category. I believe it took adding some rhinestones and dimension to give it the look of elegance I was looking for. I would love to hear if you think it is elegant or not. I will not be offended if you don't agree.
This is a close up of the dimension that is on the card pictured below. This was also the first card I had made for my class. I thought right away that this was definitely an elegant card. The stamp set "vintage vogue" is such a great set to get the look of elegance.

Of course, I had to show you the total picture of what the card looked like. I did end up changing two things on the card though. At first, the saying "thank you" was in an oval shape. I didn't think it looked right. The other thing I changed was adding the design to the saying. The original I only had the saying, which left it white and boring, in my opinion.

I have two more cards to come up with yet to be finished with my elegance class. Pray I can figure them out. I do have a couple of ideas in my head, but I need to make them into reality.
Thanks for looking. If you have any questions about these cards feel free to ask by leaving it in a comment. Also, tell me what you think of these.
Now go-n-stamp!!

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Candi said...

I love the card and the "shadow" is super nice " I stumbled upon your blog on late night stampers find