Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Make and Take Class

Last night I had a class making some inexpensive Christmas gifts. Four ladies came to this class. It is so funny because we made a gift using a chocolate candy bar and women love their chocolate. I think they wanted to eat it more than use it for making into a gift. I have to say I do not share in most women's love of chocolate. I could take it or leave it. When I do have it, I prefer milk chocolate or white chocolate. The other types I do not like. This is a picture of the 4 things we made.
We were supposed to make a candle too, but it got too late to make it. I will have to show them how to do it another time. I love the DSP Holiday Treasures. It took me quite a while to come up with my gifts for this class, but I really liked the end results. My ornament is a little different than everyone else's I have seen. That is a goal of mine. I want to come up with my own ideas or at least change something I have seen and make it mine. I guess if I was in a real pinch I would case, otherwise I prefer not to. I hope this can help you have some ideas of things to make to give. This is the season for giving, of which, God gave us the best gift anyone could give, His only son.


Kristin said...

Your projects are great Chris- I wish I could blow up the picture and see more! Nice job on the sketch challenge too- I like the window look! Neat!

Rupert Relative Ramlings.... said...

I love the idea of using the frappacino bottle...I have lots as my husband is ADDICTED to these (no kidding, ADDICTED, literally, when he recently lost his job and we could no longer afford for him to be purchasing a couple of these everyday...he has formulated his own recipe and makes 12 of them every other need to worry about the sealing procedure ...he drinks them all within the two, is he putting on the lbs....haha)
Anyway, I digress....
could you please offer a larger photo of that item and the it filled with cocoa mix???
Thanks Edna